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The National Launch of Pause for Pe...

The National Launch of Pause for Peace

 Pause for Peace is a national campaign of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in celebration of the UN International Peace Day in September  Guest speaker at our launch:   Sr Chakradhari Since 1962, Sr Chakradhari has been a dedicated teacher with the Brahma Kumaris in New Delhi, India.  She has a wealth of experience and wisdom, and […]

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Healing Heart & Soul

Healing Heart & Soul

This retreat will offer you an opportunity to engage in a process of ACKNOWLEDGING where you are, ACCEPTANCE of what is,TRANSCENDING into healing and to ultimately REVEAL and CELEBRATE the truth of who you truly are. Drawing on practices and tools of meditation, reflective dialogue, meaningful conversations and creative expression, we will generate an intimate […]

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Cultivating the ability to self ref...

Cultivating the ability to self reflect emerges and strengthens our innate virtues.

  There has been an article on CNN where an interesting experiment has been carried out in a school in Baltimore, the USA.  This is a school in an impoverished area and has had many discipline and behavioural issues with the children.  Instead of detention for the children who misbehave, they started introducing mindfulness meditation […]

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