When everything around goes crazy how do you stay calm, sane and focused… here are 7 tips for you to try,

  1. Breathe – yes breathe.  Take a few moments and breathe deeply and stretch.  Just the act of breathing consciously, deeply  and slowly helps to physically relax but also slows down your thinking.  Thinking fewer and lesser thoughts give space for more clarity.
  1. Traffic control of the mind – create a practice to take a mental break – meaning for a minute or so put a full stop to the stream of thoughts and give yourself space to relax and return to a centre of peace within you.  Focus your mind on an image of peace or play some music that soothes you or simply look out of the window and just allow the mind to be quiet and observe life around you.  This practise will develop an ability to stay calm.
  1. Self-reflect – make time to reflect on your days experience, what insights can I draw from my day, what can I appreciate of my day and where would I like to refocus for myself.  Self reflection allows for you to extract meaning out of your experiences and this helps to stay focus on what matters most.
  1. Stay focused – in chaos we can get hijacked by other peoples urgencies and agendas.  Keep focused on your own priority list.  Flexibility is important but not at the expense of your sanity.
  1. Stay centered – one of our tendencies is we always feel responsible to fix chaos.  Remember chaos cannot be fixed, it requires one to remain centered.  The one who remains centered is able to re-order the energy of chaos.  Staying centered also means keep perspective of things.  Usually when people get emotionally entangled with the situation, issues get exaggerated.  So stay calm and keep the right perspective.
  1.  Be flexible – the rigid oak crashes in the storm, the flexible bamboo survives.  Don’t be too fixed on your ideas or preferences, being flexible allows you to invite newness which can lead to something better than what you planned.  So be open to diversity – centre on principle but flexible to approach of implementation.
  1. Hold onto your sense of humour – as the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine.  Always look on the light side of things and do not wear your responsibilities like a burden but rather as love.  Don’t take things too seriously, we need the art to learn to look at life with the innocence of a child and respond with the wisdom of a master.  It’s an art or call it a challenge – but ultimately it is about experiencing the best of the moment.