The world around us, offers many possibilities for learning, experimenting and experiencing.  We are surrounded by information, in fact the times we live in is called the information age.  The easy access and information, may have stimulated us and made us more knowledgeable.  However, when we look at the human condition we seem none the wiser, in fact in some ways the quality of our lives has deteriorated.

The need of our times is to extract deeper wisdom.  Why?  So that our decisions can serve and provide long term benefit, not only for ourselves but for the communities we live in.  Where do we derive deeper wisdom from?  Wisdom doesn’t come from outside of us, wisdom is a process of emerging a deeper truth from within.

“What is education?  One lovely definition is being able ‘to draw out’ that which is within us – the English word ‘education’ derives from the Latin ducacre, meaning ‘to lead, draw or bring’ and e, meaning ‘out’.  If we wish to be educated, then, we must trustingly assume that we have, at our core, both sound qualities and a bank of well-judged experiences and knowledge.”

To begin to sow the seeds of deeper wisdom begins by cultivating the practice of learning to look within, reflectively and with loving kindness. When attention is turned inward, awareness is created to the quality of my thinking.  Our thoughts are powerful packets of energy, powerful seeds which can have a huge impact.  From the tiny acorn the mighty oak grows – similarly, our thoughts grow into ideas, vision, attitudes, relationships and perceptions.  In other words with our thoughts we create the world we live in.  Remembering this can chart the course of your life onto a path of possibility or obstacles.

Learning to create a moment of pause, to reflect within allows us to listen to the voice of our conscience.  Therein lies the wisdom – the inner knowingness that guides our outer life.  Wisdom emerges from this practise of creating a pause in the mind to listen … and hear through the silence. To create this inner silence, focus the mind on the inner self, as an energy of peace and light.  Just knowing that peace is innate, it comes from within.  It is your most natural state.