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Immune System of the Soul

Immune System of the Soul

There is an old proverb, where there is health there is happiness. We have a multimillion industry of “selling health” to us through products and treatments. Fundamental to health is having a strong Immune System. While so much of the emphasis is on the physical health, current research points to the fact that a strong […]

The Difference between Health and W...

The Difference between Health and Wellbeing

The health of our body is no longer just an occasional conversation for a few. It is now an obsessional pre-occupation for many. But the real question today is not how healthy can your body be, but are YOU a well being? Health and well-being, obviously connected, are two different things. Good health refers to […]

Understanding the Difference betwee...

Understanding the Difference between Pain and Suffering

As the old saying goes ‘pain is compulsory but suffering is optional’. Pain is what we will inevitably feel when something happens to the body that we occupy. But suffering is what we create at a mental and emotional level in ‘response’ to what happens to our body, and to what we perceive is happening […]