Building an identity of the self based on our physical and social context, in spiritual terms refers to body consciousness or a limited ego identity.  In spiritual terms our physical or social context defines a particular role we play in society, it doesn’t define the self or need to limit the self.  The self is consciousness, the soul.  The soul has infinite possibilities of who or what it can be.  The souls deepest need is to express its creativity, to connect with the other and to live a meaningful and purposeful life.

At the core of every being are the qualities of peace, love, purity, bliss and power.  Human life is to give expression to this core self, through our thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.  This is the right of every soul.

How can I be an enabler of these rights?  It begins by first living my own truth.  Live life from the core of my qualities rather than the conditioning I have internalized.  When I am being my true self I give the other an encouragement and support to be their truth.  It is a very different approach.  Today most people in authority, be it parents, teachers or even the law officers try to enforce a certain behavior.  However, force never creates transformation or allows for deeper learning.  We cannot make transformation happen, we have to enable it by leading the change we wish.  In this way we raise the consciousness of society and therefore raise the responsibility to uphold the sacred.

Practice:  Choose one of the core qualities of the human soul: peace, love, purity, bliss or truth. Consciously let it guide your thinking, attitudes and decisions for an entire day. Whatever happens, allow that quality to permeate your being. At the end of the day, reflect on how it influenced and shifted your energy.