In life you will be placed in positions or called to act in a capacity that you feel you are not qualified to act. Whether this may be in your personal or professional life, life does have the tendency to overwhelm us by placing us in impossible situations. What does an individual do then. Do you draw on your own resources, someone else’s or a divine power ?

A spiritually enlightened individual works on him or herself daily so that when life sends one of its knocks he/she will be able to withstand it. I once heard it said that the definition of superficiality is that when adversity strikes, a weak person falls flat on his face. 
Spiritual empowerment means being forever prepared to handle whatever life sends in your direction. A spiritually strong person never naively hopes that nothing bad will happen to him. lnstead he realistically understands that the wheel of karma is always turning. More importantly he understands life is designed to give him something at every turn. Although on the face of it a loss may have occurred, life was offering him something bigger and not take anything away from him.
Courage means many things. It means being brave enough to wake up, dress up and show up for life. Courage means knowing when to walk alone and when to work with others and being comfortable with both scenarios.
A courageous person is always comfortable in his own skin. It is only an exceptional individual who makes peace with his good and dark side and realises that his weakneses are as essential a part of his charachter as are his strengths.
Courage means self acceptance.