Itzhak Perlman the great violinist once said ” much lies broken in every one of us. Our job is to make music with what remains”

Mankind has always applauded the brave, the victorious warrior, the one who showed fortitude in the face of tremendous opposition or overwhelming loss.

The ability to put one foot in front of the other is in itself an act of courage.

What qualities makes one courageous ? When we look back at the people in life whose courage, bravery and resilience have won our hearts, it is those who, in response to a negative situation, could have shown us their worst but instead chose to emerge their best. It takes greatness to bring out your best when life deals you are bad hand.

It is far easier to make excuses or justify our bad or weak behaviour rather than show our strength. Respect is always earned. In order to earn one’s own respect, it is imperative that we dig deep and ask ourselves at this moment what is the best version of me that l can bring to the fore. Neither our past or personality can justify us being weak. Nor can we use someone or something as a reason for being a lesser version of ourselves.

A courageous person applies forethought to each word and each act. He lives carefully and never places himself at the mercy of life. Courage means forging through pain, tragedy and loss and still immersing yourself fully in life.

Courage means living from an internal space that contains depth and meaning. A truly courageous soul intrinsically comprehends all spiritual laws of life and abides by them not out of fear but respect.

Courage means not allowing anything or anyone to destroy you, damage you or break your spirit.