For each one of us our sense of identity plays such an important role – it influences how we see ourselves and also how we see our world.  We all yearn for deeper authenticity however, the way we identify ourselves creates a sense of belonging.  Often this need for belonging leads to one conforming with the “group” think and often our authentic self gets compromised.

Courage to be is about finding the pathway for the self to live more authentically.

It is important to reflect on what basis do I create my sense of identity?

My roots
Our first identity is one based on our family, culture, religion, race and class.  We are brought up with a certain group identity – which informs our values, our perceptions and our attitudes.  At firs tit creates a feeling of security but with time when we see hypocrisies it can create feeling of being suppressed or fear of isolation.

My role, positions and possessions
We live in a world that values us on what we own, which positions we hold and what we do.  Hence, our sense of identity is influenced by this – sometimes we can compromise what we feel for the sake of artificially measuring ourselves.

My history
Each one of us has had a unique journey, and this somehow forms a strong basis of our sense of self.  Many times we look into the moment through this lens – which many times is a subjective lens.  Often, this lens of “my story” filters each present moment, leading to one reliving and feeding an old perception, idea or attitude.  My story has its value but it should not define me – I should define me and then tell my story.

So courage to be begins by looking at myself and challenging myself of my own perceptions, ideas and attitudes.  This is the greatest courage – it is realising that I live in the world of my own creation.

The world outside of me has its powerful influences but at the end of the day it is my choice which I absorb and which I let go.  Until I take this responsibility for my inner world I can never live my true self – I will find myself defending, projecting, suppressing or pleasing the world around me.  I will never have the freedom to be me.

Courage to Be – Be present, Be still to listen to yourself to know yourself, Be an observer and don’t absorb what doesn’t feel right, Be a conscious creator of your inner world.