One of our greatest challenges is learning the art of creating balance.  We often find ourselves working at extreme ends of the pendulum – this lack of knowing how to integrate all the aspects of my life can lead to inner frustration and tension.  Instead of segmenting our lives into sections, spiritual consciousness makes us aware of things moving in cycles.  One of the very first aspects of spirituality, knowing the self, means not only knowing your present state of consciousness – whether you think of it as masculine and analytical or feminine and intuitive –but actually being able to stand back, become detached and able to see the self in the awareness of eternity.  When you willing to step away from the consciousness of matter, step away from the body and step back a little, then in that consciousness you begin to have a tiny glimpse of eternal consciousness.  It’s only through this very personal awareness and feeling of eternal consciousness that you’re then able to look at the world around you and the concept of time  and become able to see time as a cycle.  Within the soul there is a part that is recorded, which is why at times you intuitively know what you are going to say to me, or intuitively I know what is around the next corner.  It’s as if there is an awareness recorded within the self.  Sometimes, especially when we hear spiritual teachings, we have a sense of having heard all of this before, of it being pre-recorded within the self.  Someone has just come along and been the stimulus, awakening that consciousness.  So as you listen it doesn’t feel like listening to new information, it’s as if you listening to things you already know, knowledge that you have heard before, facts that perhaps you intuited previously but were not able to formulate in words.  Within this eternal being that you are is this amazing storehouse of information- everything is already recorded within the self and the insight you gain through meditation and spiritual study will open it up for you.

Extracted from Awakening Your Inner Wisdom by Sr Jayanti