Empowering oneself is a life long journey. For eons, human beings from all across the globe have employed tools to empower themselves from the moment of birth until old age. We empower ourselves by interacting and forming meaningful.relationships with others. We gain power by learning about our immediate world, our culture, the religion we were born into etc. We learn from elders, peers and significant others.

Later we empower ourselves throughout childhood and early adulthood by way of education. Further still we perpetuate this sense of empowerment by passing on what we know to the next generation.

A feeling of internal power gives a human being an innate sense of dignity. Each one of us needs a sound grasp of internal and external reality. Without this we cannot feel that our lives have a structure.

Only when we have created a life that has deep roots and build upon this life by employing whatever tools we can, can we say that we have a life of substance.

When any individual senses that their lives are not what they would like it to be, he or she requires the power of introversion to make an assessment of what is wrong and also to establish what needs to be fixed.

All human beings have an internal barometer by which we can establish whether all is well in our internal world or not. It is this intelligence that lets us know that we are spiritually depleted. By way of analogy, when our cellphone batteries are almost  dead, it bleeps to let us know that it needs to be charged urgently. By the same token, human souls are ” bleeping ” . Many feel a sense of emptiness . We find creative ways of filling the holes in the soul. We use other people, hobbies, our jobs, our pets, mother nature, technology etc for this purpose. The problem is that none of these mechanisms can do the job.

How does one fill the empty battery of the soul ? There is only one answer to this and that is the relationship with the divine. Just as it is only by plugging your cellphone in so that it can be charged by electricity, so too there is only one Source that can give power to the soul.

A spiritually aware person knows that all the external supports he or she enjoys offer one a temporary distraction but not a real sense of power. Only a sound knowledge of the spirit and the divine equals an acquisition of real power

By acquiring a deep and abiding knowledge of ones spiritual identity, one can reconnect with oneself and to God so that one can obtain the power one needs to face whatever life brings your way.