The aim in Raja Yoga Meditation is to use the technique of meditation as a method to deepen our understanding and begin to experience the self as a soul.



Method of Meditation: Begin meditation with the aim to experience yourself as a soul.

Open eyes: The eyes are the most powerful organ of the body and the energy of the mind is transmitted through the eyes. Raja Yoga is an open-eyed
meditation, because we need to learn to develop inner awareness to such an extent that we can maintain it whilst in action.

Sit comfortably: The body’s position needs only to be balanced and comfortable. If you sit on a chair keep your back straight, feet together and legs uncrossed so the subtle energies of your body may flow unobstructed.

Focus attention: Sit in a comfortable position; try to forget about/ let go of the sounds and sights around you and turn your attention inward. Focus your attention on that point in the forehead where you the soul sit. If your mind is running with many thoughts or memories, just observe and watch them come and go. Gently keep bringing your attention back to yourself in the here-and- -now, sitting on your seat of consciousness. Gradually your mind will become more peaceful and your thoughts will slow down. If you experience a headache or tension, you’re trying too hard. Relax completely.

Create specific thoughts: Create the thought of peace, concentrate your attention on that thought and gradually peace will become your experience. As you concentrate on peace you’re able to bring the feeling of peace into your consciousness. You are elevating your consciousness, becoming soul consciousness. When you’re in peace consciousness only then can you deal with anything negative. One has to go above negativity to see the truth of things. If you want to change a person, you don’t keep telling them what’s wrong with them because then that’s what you are emphasizing in their consciousness. This is especially important in working with the self. If you want to change, to move from puppet consciousness to master consciousness, to be a king of the self, you have to focus on your original good qualities. This empowers the self and it has to be done daily, because it’s very easy for one negative thought to come and destroy everything.

It’s a daily practice. How often do you breathe, do you eat? They are daily practices otherwise the body doesn’t function properly. In the same way, the health of the soul requires the oxygen of daily practice even 5-10 minutes will do. Start with this and naturally it will increase.

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