Perhaps one of the most poignant causes of disregard for other is the believe we live by, life is ruled by the law of the jungle and so only the toughest, strongest and most powerful can survive.  That which is considered as weak is disposable.  Hence our society is governed by intense competition, as we all racing to be the strongest.  How do we define the strongest in our modern jungle – by wealth.  We believe that wealth is what makes us powerful, wealth is what enables our survival.  Hence our entire focus is on the accumulation of wealth.  We keep striving to have more and more and it almost seems the more we have the more is needed…. It has become an endless hunger.  And at what cost?  The cost of our health, as we lead such stressful lives, the cost of our relationships, as we don’t have time to be with each other, the cost of our minds and wellbeing… This endless hunger has led to internal anxiety and stress.

Have you ever considered putting an end to this endless struggle…. A moment of pause, to reconsider what and why am I doing what I do?  What is the meaning and purpose of this race and do I really want to continue to be part of it?

Strength and value does not come from having more …. It comes from meaningfully contributing in making a difference.  Did you know that if I took an acre of land and removed all the tiny insects from it, it would turn into a desert within days.   Nature teaches us a very beautiful lesson, that each creature, however tiny and insignificant it may appear to be, it holds value.  Life is about inter-connectedness, and each one has an invaluable contribution to make.

When we absorb this lesson it begins to shift our mindset and approach.  Each life has an intrinsic value, and each one has a contribution to make that sustains and supports a  larger purpose.  So instead of trying to have more, be more.  You have a gift, a talent, skill, passion or a quality or virtue.  Share this whole heartedly, therein you will experience a deeper joy and contentment.  This creates meaning, and living life meaningfully means there is dignity and self respect.

I recommend a practice, each day take a few moments of quiet reflection and tap into the stillness of your being.  Then ask yourself, what is the gift of my being that I would like to express and share today.  Sit for those few moments and be that gift in your mind, your heart, your being…   Accept it as grace from the Divine.  Begin the day with a feeling that this is what I have to offer the day, rather than what am I going to get from my day.  Give and you feel fulfilled.  Rather than chasing after life, live life.