The Divine is ever present in our lives – its a question of us being awake and aware to that presence.  So often what blocks us from experiencing that sweet, silent yet powerful presence are the beliefs we hold of the Divine.  Just the way in our human relationships, we commodified love, and used it as a way of validating worth and value – we project the same mindset towards the Divine.  We have projected our humanness in our relationship with the Divine.

In my experience, a deeper more meaningful connection with the Divine is something I can only foster through Silence.  IT is when I consciously move away from the constant noise of the mind, be it the running commentary of the tasks I must be engaged in, judgements about people or situations, past experiences or future worries, when i quieten these thoughts it is then that I give space for my being to listen to the Divine, to feel the presence of the Divine.

In its connection with the Divine, the self, the soul is filled and feels itself complete.  Divine Love works especially through silence; the soul is awakened from its sleep of ignorance and given new life, as in the story of Sleeping Beauty.  The soul is the Sleeping Beauty, God is the prince and ignorance is the witch who casts her magic spell of slumber upon the princess.  God’s love for the soul is such that it is not stopped by any darkness or barrier but reaches the soul to awaken it, bringing it back to life, back to reality.  Love breaks the iron spell.

It is through Love that I, as a soul, am awakened and acknowledge my eternity.  My reality is far more than my material appearance.  My eternity is my reality.  This is the truth of my existence.  In Greek the word for truth is alithea, which means ‘not to forget’.  The human being is under a very deep forgetfulness; an amnesia of spirit.  I cannot achieve the awakened state, the true state of myself with my own skills of intellect.  Attainment of Truth is not a matter of cleverness.  I can only awaken when God helps me to remember.  To remember is real knowing; it is Truth.

To achieve inner change, silence has to be love-filled, not only peace-filled.  Many think that it is enough just to experience peace in the silence of meditation in order to achieve transformation of consciousness. Peace stabilizes; peace harmonises and gently quiets. Peace lays the foundation.  However, Love actively inspires; Love moves the universe.  Love moves all things towards their original freedom and happiness.

Both Peace and Love are needed, and in their archetypal form, come from God, the Universal and immutable Source.  It is this God-filled silence that restores a human being and the earth to their original state.

In silence, we realize that it is not only a return to the roots; but, even more, it is a return to the Seed, to the Beginning; it is a return to God, a return to myself, a return to right relationship.