As spiritual beings we all share the same Source of spiritual light and power. Many now recognize that we can gently raise our consciousness, connect with the Source, and serve as instruments of the ONE to bring that healing light, love and power into the world. It is a subtle exercise in which we can serve to empower and strengthen others. In the process we also empower our own resilience to face our own daily challenges.   The process of creating this connection is the Art of Meditation.

making the connection

There are three simple stages to connect and establish a link with the ONE, The Source of spiritual light and power: Introspection, Observation, and Remembrance.

To practice, find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes. Sit comfortably, consciously relax your body, yet remain alert.


Withdraw your attention from the world outside.
Center your self and be gently aware of your self being aware.


Watch the flow of your thoughts as if you were just an observer. Notice what you are feeling in this moment. Think of your self as a being of peace.

Allow your self to feel calm and peaceful.

If any particular thoughts and feelings come up, watch them like a detached observer and let them pass, as if watching trains passing through the station.


Visualize bathing in the physical light of the sun.  Imagine your self bathing in the subtle spiritual vibration of the invisible ONE.  Feel that light penetrate your being as it heals all your emotional wounds.  Reflect that light out into the world to all those who need love, light, and power
to face their difficulties.

Now try out this next meditation…. a meditation leading into a song on Being with One by Desert Rose