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The Feminine Principle

The Feminine Principle

Personal growth and human development are perhaps two of the more popular banners flapping in the breeze at the eve of the 21st century.  So what’s new? Aren’t these two old chestnuts that humanity has been chewing over throughout history?  The issues may indeed be the same but what is new is the emergence of […]

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

  Ah yes, the intelligence that is associated with emotion in these two words that have crept into almost every area of the training, tutoring, self-development and personal growth industries during the last twenty years. Emotional intelligence infers that when you are emotional you are more intelligent! But when we take a moment to reflect […]

A cup of Coffee – the key to findin

A cup of Coffee – the key to finding balance

Most of us begin our day with a good cup of coffee.  The story I would like to begin with today, will offer a new perspective for you to reflect on each time you drink your morning coffee.  A professor once invited his students over who had qualified already and were working.  As they came […]