Prioritize concept word cloud background

I would like to begin with an exercise today.  Take a piece of paper, in the center draw a star.  That represents you.  Now around this star list all that you consider to be important relationships in your life.  Place them around in the order of priority.  So if you consider them important place them close to you.  Include also your priority for your self care.

Now look at your list and see where do you place the divine.  Do you make space for your connection with the Source, the Divine?  Second question how much of time do you give to that which you consider to be important in your life…. If you have to compare your priorities and the time you invest in them do they match.  Many times the answer is no. Why?

We seem to live our lives as a routine of work, shopping and sleep.  It is an endless cycle which has taken away meaningfulness.  Perhaps if we want to change that endless pattern we must begin to live more consciously.  What do I give priority to, what do I give my time and attention to.  These choices begin to restore a sense of personal responsibility but more importantly living from conscious choice rather than routine or habit.  Many times people identify the need for change but always complain I do not have the time… I agree you do not have the time, you have to create the time.  When I really value something I make the time for it.  The question is what do I value and how much do I value it…. Then it’s easier to reorganize my life for what I value.

Reflection:  At the end of each day, create a focus for your next day and reflect to what extend you gave attention to your focus.

Make time for the Divine , make time for yourself, make time for your loved ones and see what difference it makes in your day to day experiences.