A beautiful lesson that Dadi Janki once shared in her book, Wings of Soul.  Whenever you are faced with a challenge and you need courage, take a moment of silence and invoke your courage.  With patience you will know what to do and when.

Courage doesn’t mean you are not afraid – but it means you willing to challenge your fears for what you know is the right thing to do, to say or to be.  One important lesson worth remembering, you cannot overcome your fear by avoiding it.  It only grows.  Fear can only be overcome by moving through it.

Here are some suggestions to help you cross the barrier of fear?

Step 1
Acknowledge the fear.  Take time to understand it and at least name the fear.
Many times fear sits in us as an emotion and we are not even clear what we afraid about.  By naming it becomes it becomes something more tangible to deal with.

Step 2
Reflect on some practical steps that you can take immediately.  Doing something practical helps one to build confidence.  Often by simply mulling over the fear in the mind makes one feel more overwhelmed.  Doing something practical helps one to feel more in control.

Step 3
Take time to reconnect with the Divine Source, either through meditation or through writing if you cannot concentrate.  Allow yourself to be reassured of the positive energy of love of the Divine.  Often just taking time to reconnect to the Divine Source, will help you see the situation in a different light.  If you are unable to do this by yourself and talk through with someone you trust and have a close relationship with who can help you to see a way around what you fearing.

Always remember for every challenge there is always a solution.