Tips to make your meditation a success ….

Create a place for meditation: It’s a good idea to create a place especially for meditation in your home. A conducive environment helps you focus. Keep it simple and clean. You will gradually build up vibrations and atmosphere in this place and this will facilitate good meditation experiences.

Practice makes perfect: Practice once or twice a day to start with, in a quiet place at home or at work. These are the first steps to learning how to meditate and regain control of your thoughts, feelings and your life experience. If you find it a little difficult, be patient. Don’t give yourself a hard time. Meditation is cumulative. Frequent, short meditations are effective. Regular practice will make you perfect. It’s better to practice a little bit every day than to practice for a longer time only 2-3 times a week.

Formula for Success: If you understand and don’t practice, no results. If you practice and get no results, maybe you need further understanding. Practice what you’re learning each week. The content of each class is the basis of your focus. Meditate to apply what you’ve learned, i.e., this week, think about yourself as a soul.

Listen on to a few more tips for sustaining the practice….

Final commentary of the 7 day Challenge…..