One Christmas Day, I woke up very early and decided to go into the forest.  It was just around dawn and there was an oval fir tree with a lot of dew on it.  I was watching it.  The sun rose higher and higher and rays of light hit the drops of dew and the wind started to blow.  It was a beautiful experience, all those drops of dew starting to reflect many different colors—green and blue and red and yellow—and as the wind was blowing lightly the colors were changing.  It was like a Christmas gift to me, nature’s Christmas tree.  Then of course the sun rose completely and all that finished.  I thought it would be nice to be like one of those drops, somehow able to reflect something hidden, something silent, but also very beautiful.

All divine things are gifts; the only effort one needs to make is to position the self in such a way that one is able to receive those gifts.  As one receives those gifts they increase as one shares them.  But you share them simply as an instrument—not as one who made the gifts.  When there is a genuine encounter with the divine, the person feels three things—deep transformation, deep insight and great inspiration.

Transformation is driven by the desire to return to something pure and original that has been forgotten or that has been polluted, and knowing very deeply that if there has been this transformation within the self then certainly one will be in a position to help and co-operate with other human beings.  A deep transformation only comes when there is that encounter with God, because what transforms the depths of the self is love.  If God remains abstract, as for many people, then there is very little transformation.  When God becomes personal and real then one is able to experience the relationship, and it is through relationship that one begins to experience the love that gives one faith in oneself and the courage to change.

In the silence there arises insight. Insight is the opening of the third eye and spiritual blindness is taken away—in particular the blindness of being very critical about things and people, of getting lost in weaknesses of others and caught up in trivial things.  Insight is where I am able to see the positive reality of others, no matter what their appearance may be, no matter how negative they may appear to be.  The insight of someone who has encountered God is to see through God’s eyes, to be able to see others as one’s brother or one’s sister.

A personal encounter with God also gives me great inspiration.  The impossible can become possible.  There’s nothing that I can’t do.  There is always that support, acceptance, faithfulness from God in His relationship with you.  He doesn’t abandon damage or diminish you, but holds you.  You are sacred to Him. It is great inspiration when you feel this, not just knowing it intellectually but also feeling it.

A true relationship transforms and frees you, it does not bind and limit.  When we encounter God as He truly is, then our consciousness ascends to a level of universality and compassion where there are no barriers of resentment, accusation or fear.  This closeness to God is called bliss.  Bliss is an experience that is internal, beyond touch, sight or anything physical and no-one can ever take that away from me.  I carry it within myself.