We have often heard the expression that life is a journey.  When any journey is begun, there is an idea of the destination – an anticipation of where we reaching and what will be the attainment at the end.  Without a sense of what is to be achieved the journey becomes meaningless.  Only when there is a sense of meaningfulness then it inspires courage, gives the capacity for perseverance and kindles hope.  Hope is what keeps the flame of life burning.

However, no journey is ever a straight path.  There will be many twists and turns before the destination is reached.  The key is to keep the destination alive in the imagination and consciousness.  There is such power in the power of our mind and imagination.  Einstein once said, imagination is more important than knowledge.  I don’t think it’s a blind belief but rather a sense of the many possibilities and opportunities that may exist for one.  Always remember, that along the journey, sometimes one door shuts, only to open a window of a new opportunity.  Many times we get disheartened when we are faced with a challenge or obstacle.  When walking along the path there is a boulder on the path.  You won’t stop and analyse the situation, but rather find a way either around or above it.  Similarly when along your journey of life a huge boulder is placed which may appear as a block or obstacle, always remember there is a path around it.

To see the solution or the path, an important skill to use is to learn to create a space between the situation and my emotions.  Usually we get overwhelmed by the situation, not because of the situation itself but the emotions it triggers for me.  It is at those moments when the ongoing practice of turning your mind inwards and reconnecting with an inner space within u of peace which is most helpful.  At the core of every person is a space or energy of peace and stillness, we need to take moments in our day and return to that inner core.  Meditation, mindfulness and prayer are some methods to help us return to hat center core.  From a place of inner peace, I see with greater clarity, I can hold a wider perspective and that enables me to make more knowledge full decisions.  Knowing how to access and regularly accessing my inner core of stillness then enables me not only to continue the journey, but most importantly to enjoy the journey.

Practice:  each morning before u begin your day, still quietly for a few minutes and return to your center core of peace… By reminding yourself, I am a peaceful soul… A peaceful being.