So a human being is 2 things, soul + body. Who says “My body or my hand”? -Who is speaking? Who is the owner?


So how can you conceive of yourself if you are not the body? If something has no volume, density or mass, the only way it can be conceived of is as a point, because a point has no physical dimensions. It has a form which is infinitesimal. It’s a wonder how something small can contain so much: analogies of microchip (info) and atom (Power).

Imagine a tiny point located where thoughts come from…a point of conscient energy that thinks, decides and remembers, that gives birth to emotion…that acts and interacts through the vehicle of the body…the source of life and life’s experiences…this precious point source of living energy is you.

Let’s explore the soul in more detail…


Enjoy the meditation soul awareness…..