We all recognize the importance of trust.  Where there is trust it anchors one. Trust brings a feeling of security and safety.  However we are living through times where there is constant change, where there is uncertainty in leadership, the climate of both the environment, the economy and social wellness is unpredictable.  In these times of uncertainty how do we trust?

Trust begins by trusting the self.  To develop self trust there are two important elements to consider.  Firstly, a deep honest reflection is required to ask yourself what are your innermost values and principles.  When my own values and principles are clear to me, it becomes a way of guiding my choices and a mirror for my inner being.  Often we don’t trust others because we can’t trust ourselves.  When we act against our values and principles no matter how we may convince or defend those actions, our conscience will always feel unsettled.  My conscience is my inner voice aligned with a deeper truth of my being.  When my conscience and values are aligned I am at peace with myself.  I can then live with myself with self respect.

The second aspect to build self trust, is to be sincere and fulfil the promises I make to myself and others.  It requires discipline, but it is this discipline towards the self that builds self trust.  Self trust leads to self respect.  When you have deep self trust you are more flexible with others around you.  You are able to better judge situations and respond less reactively.

What do I trust in a world of uncertainty ?  I trust higher principles and values.  I trust that peace is the foundation for growth and wellbeing.  I trust that integrity and honesty creates clarity and restores faith.  I trust that love and compassion are the basis for harmony.  I trust not because I expect an outcome which I would like to have, but I trust because it aligns me with what I feel to be eternal truths and frees my conscience.  What people around me chose to do that I cannot control, however I can remain steadfast in my own principles.  I trust with time it offers clarity, guidance and light through the chaos of uncertainty.  We cannot control chaos, and sometimes we cannot prevent it – all we can do in chaos is remain anchored in what aligns us all with a greater truth.

Reflection:  take time to reflect what are the three most important values to me.  Each day consciously apply them in your thinking, attitude and in your choices.