Cooking & Eating Consciously

Food symbolises the sacred interconnectivity of life, the relationship between soul, body, our environment and God. It reflects, Divine nurturing, sustenance, love and care. If we consider the body to be a temple in which the soul is held, then this creates a sacred attitude towards the body and how we treat it. This is the foundation for health and wellbeing. Being conscious of this sacred relationship we become more aware to:,

  • what we eat?
  • where does it come from?
  • how is it prepared?
  • how you eat it?


All foods hold an energy, therefore the most energy giving foods are fresh fruits and vegetables. There is a saying that goes, “Your mind is like the food you eat”. The deepest truths of life are often the simplest. As we return to our real nature, it makes sense to return to real food. The universe, the elements of nature and our bodies are infinitely intelligent. Fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts in their natural form align us with that intelligence and nourish us with its benefits.



Local foods are seasonal and often taste better. But eating locally is mostly a gift to our environment and community. By buying foods grown and raised close to where we live, we help maintain farmland and green space in our areas. We also help to build our local economies and support small businesses rather than large corporations. Knowing where our food comes from, connects us to the people who raise and grow it. And where there is connection, the chances for accountability, care and integrity increase.



The way we prepare food has an influence on the food with our vibrations. There has been research carried out by Dr Emoto, a Japanese researcher who worked with water and showed that when water is exposed to positive thoughts, images or prayer it influences the molecular structure of the water molecules and creates beautiful crystals. All food consists of large amounts of water. Therefore our thoughts and vibrations have a powerful impact on the food. This is one reason why in many traditions people pray or meditate over their food before eating. When we prepare food to accept it as a sacred offering. This influences our feelings and attitudes which is reflected in the attention, cleanliness and care in the preparation of the food. Ideally food must always be prepared in a clean, quiet and peaceful kitchen. Ingredients are chosen carefully, so that they are of a good quality and fresh.


Take a few minutes to meditate before you eat your food.  It is an opportunity to express your gratitude to the Divine for your sustenance.


Become totally present and be calm and peaceful whilst eating. Refrain from watching the television or looking at messages on your phone. Be mindful of the food, chew your food properly and enjoy the taste and appreciate the nourishment.




To learn more join one of our Cooking & Consciousness Classes at your nearest centre.