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Raja Yoga for Breath

Raja Yoga for breath The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’ meaning to join or to yoke or to unite.  As per yogic scriptures the practice of Yoga leads to the union of individual consciousness with that of Universal Consciousness, indicating a perfect...

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Message of Support for these Times

14 July 2021 Dear friends Greetings of peace. During this time of intense violence and chaos in SA, it is of utmost importance that we remain calm and draw on our spiritual resources to keep a balanced perspective and elevated mindset. As there is growing fear of...

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Calabash Fritters

1 heaped chickpea flour 1/2 cup cake flour 1/2 cup buttermilk Add water until a firm sticky dough is formed Add 1 teaspoon each of salt, chilly powder, coriander powder and cumin powder 500ml of oil for frying Peel the calabash and thinly slice it. Dip the calash in...

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Savoury Rice

  Pre-prepared 5 cups of rice Basmati rice with salt and Carmen pods Potatoes wedges fried with salt, herbs and black pepper to taste Process Heat a saucepan with some oil to cover the surface Add 1 tsp of each mustard seeds, cloves, cumin seeds.  Let it fry a...

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Spice Cake

Spice Cake 🎂 3 cups of cake flour 2 tspns of bc 2 tspns bp 2 tspns ground cardamon 2 tspns of cinnamon powder 1/2 tspn nutmeg 1/2 tspn clove powder 2 cups castor sugar Mix dry ingredients until everything is one colour. 2 1/2 cups of buttermilk 110 g of melted...

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Shift in Consciousness for Transformation

Shifting Consciousness to support a value-based leadership in all spheres of society which will lead communities towards the creation of peaceful and more egalitarian societies As we step into a future, shaped by the 4th industrial revolution, it asks of us to reflect...

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Seeing into Being

  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead These words epitomises the premise of Seeing into Being from my perspective.  A few years after being released...

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The Feminine Principle

Personal growth and human development are perhaps two of the more popular banners flapping in the breeze at the eve of the 21st century.  So what’s new? Aren’t these two old chestnuts that humanity has been chewing over throughout history?  The issues may indeed be...

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Emotional Intelligence

  Ah yes, the intelligence that is associated with emotion in these two words that have crept into almost every area of the training, tutoring, self-development and personal growth industries during the last twenty years. Emotional intelligence infers that when you...

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7 Ways to stay calm in chaos

  How do you stay calm, sane and focused when everything around you is in a state of flux? Here are 7 tips to help you keep a cool head. Breathe– Yes breathe.  The act of breathing slowly and deeply helps to relax your body, but also slows down your...

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Creating Calm in Chaos

There are times in our outer and inner worlds when we experience tumultuous change and uncertainty. These moments seem to be escalating in frequency and intensity. Managing and responding calmly to challenging times —in our relationships, workplaces, the environment,...

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Immune System of the Soul

There is an old proverb, where there is health there is happiness. We have a multimillion industry of “selling health” to us through products and treatments. Fundamental to health is having a strong Immune System. While so much of the emphasis is on the physical...

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The Difference between Health and Wellbeing

The health of our body is no longer just an occasional conversation for a few. It is now an obsessional pre-occupation for many. But the real question today is not how healthy can your body be, but are YOU a well being? Health and well-being, obviously connected, are...

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Understanding the Difference between Pain and Suffering

As the old saying goes ‘pain is compulsory but suffering is optional’. Pain is what we will inevitably feel when something happens to the body that we occupy. But suffering is what we create at a mental and emotional level in ‘response’ to what happens to our body,...

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Understanding the Immune System of the Soul

When any area of the cellular energy of our body is invaded by an ‘energy form’ that is of an unfriendly or incompatible nature, the ‘helper cells’ of the immune system almost immediately detect the presence of the invader. They move quickly to the relevant location...

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Shanta’s Delightful Coconut Dessert

This is a super delicious, healthy and easy dessert to make ... no cooking no fuss Ingredients 1 tin of coconut cream 1 tin of granadilla pulp 3 heaped tablespoons of chia  seeds Method Whip it up all together and let it refrigerate overnight. If you serving it for...

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Pink Dhal

Ingredients I cup pink dhal 2 medium tomatoes 1 tsp salt Pinch of turmeric 2 stems of curry leaf 🍃 1/2 tsp red ginger and chilly 1 tblspn oil 1 tsp mustard seeds 1/4 tspn asafoetida Method Pre boil the dhal Warm the mustard seeds Add oil Fry the asafoetida Add...

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Cabbage Squares

Ingredients 1/4 cabbage shred and soak in boiling water Drain thoroughly and squeeze out the water 1 cup Chana flour 1/2 cup mielie meal 1/2 cup cake flour 1 tsp green chilly and ginger mix (adjust according to taste) 1 1/2 tspn salt 3 tblspn oil 2 tspn s level baking...

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