Building Self-Esteem From Within


                   Learn to feel great no matter what.


Childhood messages, past experiences and internalised stereotypes often lead to a loss of confidence and self-respect. Low self esteem affects every aspect of our lives. It not only leads to general disharmony, but it also has spiritual consequences … for it separates us from our true and original nature.

This course helps us to understand the causes of low self-esteem and awakens in us a deep awareness of our innate value as spiritual beings. It is an opportunity to reconnect us with our authentic inner selves. Self-awareness allows healing and growth to take place.

“The one who has self-respect is the one who respects others too.” – Brahma Kumaris

When we are more secure in ourselves, we become more grounded, stable, flexible and accommodating – allowing us to live empowered and harmonious lives.

Who is this for?

No matter how successful we may be, almost all of us could do with a self-esteem boost. This course is also available, in-house, to corporations and organisations, on request.

The course consists of four modules

1. Know Yourself – discover your positive self
2. Accept yourself – understand and transform negativity
3. Empower Yourself – build healthy relationships
4. Be Yourself – the art of inner balance


• Increased self-acceptance and a more positive self-image
• Genuine feelings of worthiness
• Increased confidence
• Enhanced inner security, peace, serenity and happiness
• Improved mental and emotional health
• Enhanced ability to deal with challenges, mistakes, setbacks and criticisms
• Improved and more harmonious relationships
• And so much more …

All Brahma Kumaris events are offered free of charge, in a welcoming, safe and non-judgemental environment. All are welcome!

Please check our monthly calendar of EVENTS to see if and when this particular offering is available at a centre close to you. If not, and you would like to see it presented in your suburb, town or city or at your organisation, please send us a message via the form at the bottom of this page

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