1st Jul 2023 @ 9:30 am – 2:30 pm
143 Belmont Rd, EFFINGHAM HEIGHTS, Durban
143 Belmont Rd

Compassion in Action
Supporting the healing and recovery journey of individuals affected by stress, anxiety and depression.

Faith-based groups can play a significant role in supporting people with mental illness on their journeys to recovery by providing opportunities to attend personal wellness and empowerment initiatives. This spiritual support structure within the community can be especially effective as an adjunct – in collaboration with mental health providers and other agencies who deliver evidence-based and
clinically necessary treatment.

In this light, the Brahma Kumaris aim to offer their service as an organisation which encourages the practice of attention centering techniques as a coping strategy for the promotion and maintenance of emotional health. Our programme Compassion in Action utilises meditation, relaxation, mindfulness and purposeful reflection which are all proven to have mental health benefits.

The 3-part programme addresses the following core aspects of well-being :

  • gently moving past the confines and negativities of a limited physical identity into the realisation of the self as a being of spiritual energy (soul) which is imbued with an inherent goodness and capacity for success.
  • improving the capacity to cope with overwhelming circumstances by maintaining the consciousness of being an actor playing a role on the stage of life (drama)
  • healing from disappointments in relationships and experiencing upliftment by learning how to establish and foster a connection with a Higher Power (according to each individual’s belief system)

refreshments and light lunch included