Men’s Wisdom Circles

Weekly Conversations About Things that Matter



Social conditioning, a highly competitive and materialistic culture, and a reluctance to appear weak often prevent men from getting in touch with and communicating their innermost feelings. The responsibilities and stresses of juggling work, business, family, fitness, health, social obligations and rapid changes on many fronts, often leave no space for emotional and spiritual enquiry. 


“Men’s enemies are often on the inside – in the walls we put around our own hearts. The inner changes will have to come first before we can heal the world”. – Steve Biddulph, Manhood


Men’s Wisdom Circles offer a safe and harmonious space in which to discuss and share ideas and feelings around a variety of topics relevant to the challenges men face in a rapidly changing world. The conversations help break down barriers that exist within and between us, so that we can play our part in creating a peaceful, authentic, just and loving world – starting with ourselves, our families and our communities.


These conversations:

  • Facilitate informative dialogue, honest interaction and silent and guided meditation
  • Explore topics, such as:
  • Being a man
  • The value of being a father
  • The importance of forgiveness
  • Beyond fear
  • Overcoming anger
  • And much more
  • Promote an understanding of spirituality as the most essential part of being
  • Highlight the connection between what is happening in our own lives and what is happening in the world
  • Take place in the framework of mutual respect, confidentiality, peacefulness and speaking from the heart.



  • Inner peace, tranquility and contentment
  • Increased self-worth and self-respect
  • A sense of belonging
  • Reduced stress, anxiety, fear and anger
  • Increased relaxation, health and wellness
  • Increased inner power, freedom, clarity and certainty about one’s place in the world
  • Improved relationships
  • Hope, inspiration and a vision of a better way of living
  • Personal growth
  • An opportunity for networking and informal sharing


Who is this for?


Men’s Wisdom Circles are organised by men for men of all cultures, faiths, ages and backgrounds to come together once a week, for an hour-and-a-half, as brothers, to explore, deepen, share, support and enjoy the spiritual beings that we are – in the context of real-world challenges.


Longer nature retreats and events with well-known speakers are also occasionally organised.


Men’s Wisdom Circles can also be formed, in-house, in corporate and organisational environments, on request.


All Brahma Kumaris events are offered free of charge, in a welcoming, safe and non-judgemental environment. All are welcome! Donations are appreciated, but not required.


Please check our monthly calendar of EVENTS to see if and when this particular offering is available at a centre close to you. If not, and you would like to see it presented in your suburb, town or city or at your organisation, please send us a message via the form at the bottom of this page.

Brahma Kumaris is a registered non-profit organization NPO 066-100. 


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