My dear sisters and brothers

Om shanti. Please accept love and remembrances from Sr Vedanti in Nairobi. I have been remembering my global family during this difficult time that we all are passing through and so sending you and your family my loving good wishes to remain safe, healthy, wealthy and happy.

All of you are important to me so I would like to extend my care and concern for you to take care of yourself, your loved ones and your communities..

The current challenge calls upon us to have courage and see this through with faith. Most countries are now in various stages of lockdown, which I see as an opportunity for us to take the time to Pause for Peace; connect the self with God and send loving vibrations to the world family.

L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N* is a time to:

*L* Listen to God’s voice and reflect.
*O* Obey His word and His teachings.
*C* Call on God’s name and be calmed.
*K* Know what is the purpose of all this.
*D* Dwell in His presence. Do not panic.
*O* Offer a prayer for everyone’s safety.
*W* Wait and be patient. This too shall pass.
*N* Nurture our personal relationship with Him.

At the Nairobi Brahma Kumaris Centre, we have planned 14 days of constant meditation for 24 hours so that we support the world with pure, compassionate and positive vibrations.

In loving remembrance

B K Vedanti