Greetings of peace.

These unique and critical times offers us an opportunity to reflect deeply on what lessons they offer us.

Firstly, we are one world family and are deeply interconnected. Realizing this we are reminded that kindness and care towards one another is of paramount importance. Differences are irrelevant now and it’s our common humanity and connectedness that gives this life it’s value.

Sister Mohini, the Regional Director of the Brahma Kumaris in the Americas, has suggested that it is time to embody and serve with the quality of compassion. Firstly, self-compassion, which is to maintain a healthy mind, body and relationships. Not caring for the self is an act of disservice towards the self.

Secondly, compassion for our world family; to help in whichever way we can, physically and emotionally but also to maintain such pure and loving thoughts so that the vibration of our collective loving energy can counteract the growing atmosphere of fear.

Always remember we are more powerful than any challenge we have faced. It’s time to turn inwards and connect to the Source so that we allow ourselves to experience that pure energy of love. When we are filled with the energy of Divine love, we become conduits of that energy for the world.

It’s time that we step away from thinking of ourselves in small ways and step into the awareness of being a child of the Divine, one who inherits all powers, virtues and spiritual treasures. With this we serve all of creation.

Our centres, as required are closed physically, however we are available and aim to offer meditations and talks on a digital space so that we continue to inspire and support each other.

With loving kindness

Brahma Kumaris