There are many external crises.

It is not always possible to do something about that.

But the crises you create in your own mind – at least put a stop to that, and claim back your peace.

– Dadi Janki

Pause for Peace aims to inspire awareness of the stillness and peace that lies inside each of us…and to teach South Africans how to pause, reflect and access that peace within. After all, peace in the world is possible only if there is peace in our individual hearts.

When we learn to disconnect from the busyness and noise of the world and of the many thoughts in our minds, we find inner stillness. It is in this stillness that we are able to tap into our true nature, which is peaceful, loving, truthful, pure, joyous and present in the moment.

This is why Brahma Kumaris promotes:

Pause for Peace in the home…through a simple practice of pausing
and reflecting before acting – thereby creating a harmonious and nurturing
atmosphere in the home.

Pause for Peace in the classroom…equipping teachers to encourage
children to pause and reflect – thereby creating a peaceful, receptive and
creative learning environment.

Pause for Peace in the workplace…encouraging individuals to pause and
reflect as a team – creating calm, reducing friction, facilitating better decisions,
increased productivity and enhanced wellbeing in the workplace.

Pause for Peace in communities…when we collectively pause, we
ignite the spirit of Ubuntu and empower the highest values in each of us to
contribute to a more harmonious, peaceful and prosperous community.

Pause for Peace anywhere…learning to practice the skills required to be
centered, fully present and serene, so that each moment, each day, becomes
peaceful, productive and fulfilling.

Brahma Kumaris collaborates with non-profit, faith and community-based organisations, as well as with government departments and corporations. We serve hospitals, prisons, refugee centres, corporate wellness programmes, schools and more.

We invite you to host a Pause for Peace event in your home, workplace, community or school. The event will be online and is free of charge.

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Pause for Peace: 1-minute reflections

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