Being Your Self


Liberation from EGO – Healing Your EMOTIONS – Renewing Your ENERGY



Liberation from EGO – Healing Your EMOTIONS – Renewing Your ENERGY

By Mike George

It seems few of us know our self as we really are. Every day we are surrounded and ambushed by a thousand images and voices telling us who and what we could be and should be. Even friends and colleagues often want you to be their version of you! So we all learn to ‘create’ an ego, which is a false sense of self. But it’s not widely recognised that our ego is the cause of ALL our stress, sorrow and suffering.

Understand the ego and you understand almost everything! Including why you feel what you feel, why you don’t know your self very well, why people can behave in strange and violent ways, and why so many parts of the world are now places of escalating insecurity and division.

Mike lays bare the many ways in which you forget who you are and how you then make your self anything from mildly upset to outrageously angry, from quietly anxious to habitually fearful, from slightly uneasy to highly stressed. He shows you how to ‘be your self’ and thereby rediscover all that your ever seek in all that you do, which is peace in your heart, love in your relationships and happiness in your life.

In his usual sharply focused and insightful style Mike clearly reveals:

Why it’s impossible to BE YOUR SELF as long as you create an ego

Why the EGO is all that is IN the way of your happiness

Why ALL emotion is the sign of an unwell being

What an egoless life looks and feels like

How to choose what you ‘feel’ anywhere anytime

How to restore your natural state and BE Your Self … again!

Book is 21 x 14cm


Mike George is a bestselling author, inspirational speaker and spiritual teacher who, for the last thirty years, has been coaching, guiding and facilitating the personal and executive development of people in companies and communities in over 40 countries. In a unique blend of insight, wisdom and humour Mike brings together the three key strands of the 21st century – emotional/spiritual intelligence, management/leadership development and continuous learning.