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Inspirational Talks

Mastering the Art of Balance! | Inspiring Talk with Sister Pratiba

Cool Down From Your Burnout | Inspiring talk with Sister Rashmi

Swimming in the Ocean of the Unlimited | Guided Meditation with Sister Heena

Guided Meditations

I am Light | Guided Meditation with Brother Mirko

Link of Love | Guided Meditation with Sister Dipty

Four Core Strategies for Managing Stress & Anxiety

Reflections for Coping with Loss & Grief

Ode to a lost loved one

So grateful, I honor you

The untouchable spirit

Meditations for Children

In the Morning – My Quiet Time

Happy Days – Sunshine

When I feel Frightened – Feeling Safe

Meditations to Help at a Time of Crisis

Beyond it all, I recharge

I am protected in self and Source

I am safe, I am peace

All Brahma Kumaris events are offered to the public free of charge in service of humanity, donations are appreciated.

The Brahma Kumaris collaborates with non-profit, faith and community-based organisations, as well as with government departments and corporations. We serve hospitals, prisons, refugee centres, corporate wellness programmes, schools and more.

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M: +27 67 250 9763

Brahma Kumaris is a registered non-profit organization NPO 066-100. 


Administrative Head Office:

28 Judith Street, Observatory
Johannesburg, 2198,
South Africa
TEL +27 66 495 1367

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