14 July 2021

Dear friends

Greetings of peace.

During this time of intense violence and chaos in SA, it is of utmost importance that we remain calm and draw on our spiritual resources to keep a balanced perspective and elevated mindset.

As there is growing fear of personal safety as well as that of loved ones, we can understandably feel overwhelmed and anxious.   Now is the time to draw on the teaching that we are souls, all deeply interconnected and belonging to one spiritual Parent.  Seeing each other as souls is an important reminder that the true nature of every soul is goodness and that the acts of violence we are seeing is contrary to this.  Violence in any form goes against the true nature of all souls, and leads to pain and suffering.  However, we must not allow our judgement of this to diminish the vision of soul consciousness and the potential for goodness to emerge.

It is a defining moment now, for all of us to contribute by remaining calm, generating vibrations of peace and offering assistance wherever possible.  The power of elevated thought, attitude of compassion and peace is always more impactful than anger,  hate or despair.  Let us unite with this pure intention and take support from the Divine Source to guide and empower us, so that we can navigate through this time with peace and dignity for all life. Always remember we are more powerful than any challenge we have faced and collectively we will see through this with courage.

Yours in peace

The Brahma Kumaris