Yogic Gardening

Have you ever considered the effect of your thoughts on water and on the growth of plants?  Prof John Ndiritu, University of Witswatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, inspired by the “mind on matter” influence engaged in research and has written a paper on the effect of meditation on water and crop development. Below is his findings on his current research.

Meditation techniques applied to seed germination and growth

Would you like to try your own experiment of yogic planting?  Try this 3 step program….

Step 1

Take some seeds and place them in a special jar and keep them in a shaded, beautiful and peaceful place.  In a separate jar place some water.  For one week, each day go to that space and meditate, sending loving thoughts to the seeds and water.  Visualise the seeds growing beautifully.

Step 2

Prepare the earth where you wish to sow your seeds. Sprinkle the water on the prepared soil which you had kept in your special jar.  Sow the seeds.  Spend a few minutes meditating after you have sowed the seeds.

Step 3

Each day visit your seeds.  When required water them with the water from your meditated jar of water.  Spend each day, for at least 15 minutes meditating in the area where your seeds have been sown.

Observe the miracle of life as your seeds grow into seedlings and thereafter into tall, healthy and happy plants.