Wellness Programs

Research shows that many illnesses are psychosomatic. It is conventionally known in current times that mindfulness and meditation can play a significant role in relieving people from stress and stress related illnesses. A regular consistent practise of meditation has the following benefits:

1) Relaxes you completely
2) Brings clarity to the mind
3) Helps to shift perspective and assists in depersonalising with situations
4) Creates greater positivity and creativity


Programs to promote health and wellness

Living with Dignity and Hope

We are living in a society where cancer is on the increase, we are increasingly meeting individuals (acquaintances, contacts, friends and family) being diagnosed with cancer. Sub-Saharan Africa also has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the world with 76% of some communities living with HIV/AIDS. It is observed at hospitals patients die in disillusionment, alone, in anguish, with feelings of hopelessness and loss of dignity because of their deep identification of themselves as the body, which appears to be failing at a time of illness. Thus we felt that the Brahma Kumaris, as a registered NPO of South Africa, felt the need to have a programme that especially supported individuals living with serious illnesses like cancer, HIV/AIDS, autoimmune diseases, idiopathic diseases and in general individuals who need healing. This experiential programme was originally created with the aim to support wellbeing for patients diagnosed with cancer and HIV/AIDS, but has since also been identified to support wider audiences.
The programme also offers deeply spiritual concepts of consciousness, the eternal nature of souls, to help patients understand themselves deeply and look at their relationship with themselves and with God.

Five modules were developed which cover:

  • Module 1 What am I feeling now?
  • Module 2.1 Physical Wellbeing
  • Module 2.2 Emotional Wellbeing
  • Module 2.3 Spiritual Wellbeing
  • Module 3 My Supports


Care for the Carer

The Brahma Kumaris in collaboration with VIHASA (Values in Healthcare Association of South Africa) offer a modular program to support healthcare professionals and teams.

Values in Healthcare is a modular professional development programme that helps healthcare professionals and teams to support themselves and their patients. Through experiential exercises and opportunities for reflection and self-enquiry, participants can identify their own core values and discover how their insights can enhance and revitalise their work. The programme introduces and encourages participants to explore values such as compassion, cooperation, peacefulness and self-care. The learning outcomes enable professionals in all settings to cope better with their work, raise morale and restore a sense of purpose, helping to prevent problems of burnout and sickness.

For more information: https://www.jankifoundation.org/values-in-healthcare/