Sustainable Living

Environment, Lifestyle and Consciousness

As a part of our Environment Initiative, the Brahma Kumaris are exploring the connection between the consciousness of the individual and the collective effect on the state of the planet. Our consciousness determines the values by which we live. Our values form the basis of our actions which in turn determine whether or not they contribute to the protection and sustainability of the environment.

We are guardians of the Earth’s resources. We can help each other to grow in terms of our awareness of the natural world as a living system that needs our care, and deepen our concern for cultures living in environmentally fragile lands. By becoming more mindful of these issues and more compassionate in our attitudes we can make environmental choices that can be felt in all spheres of our lives.

Any change in the outer world we seek begins by change in our awareness and behaviour.  Let’s begin by widening our awareness of the intricate connectedness of our existence with all life and live more consciously.






As a multi-faith organisation SAFCEI is committed to supporting faith leaders and their communities in Southern Africa to increase awareness, understanding and action-taking on eco-justice, sustainable living and climate change issues.

SAFCEI emphasizes the spiritual, moral and ethical imperative to care for the Earth and the community of all life. The organisation encourages ethical leadership in a world wounded by rampant exploitation and pursues and speaks out on issues of eco-justice, promoting and encouraging action.

The Brahma Kumaris in South Africa are a part of SAFCEI and work together in promoting environmental awareness and promote sustainable living in all communities.  We participate in events, offer workshops and actively promote the importance of personal responsibility for climate change.


Awakening the Dreamer Workshop

The Brahma Kumaris International and the Pachamama Alliance have together created the Awakening the Dreamer Workshop, an opportunity to engage members of the public in the most urgent and necessary questions of this age:

  •   Where Are We? – looking at the environmental, social and spiritual condition of the human family
  •   How Did We Get Here? – finding the root causes of our modern malaise
  •   What is Possible Now? – examining the alternative scenarios for our future
  •   Where Do We Go From Here? – finding a role to play in creating the future

This workshop is offered to organisations and schools in South Africa by the Brahma Kumaris