The health of our body is no longer just an occasional conversation for a few. It is now an obsessional pre-occupation for many. But the real question today is not how healthy can your body be, but are YOU a well being? Health and well-being, obviously connected, are two different things.

Good health refers to the form, the body but ‘well being’ refers to … your being. You could have a healthy body but not be well in your being. Over time however, the unwellness of your being will likely translate into deteriorating health of the form that you occupy! You could be a well being while your body could be a catalogue of different ailments. Yet we now know that if you maintain your wellbeing it will more than likely have a good effect on your body’s health and even empower the healing of many of those ailments.

In the age of medical expert, its easy to detect, define and describe both a state of “good health” and the various conditions of “ill health”. As our body is both visible and tangible it’s easy to work out the what, why and how things go wrong. But it’s obviously not so easy to see and understand why we are not well in our being, simply because you can’t get being into a test tube.

Gradually an increasing number of people have grown both wiser and more intuitively aware of the direct link between the wellness of their being and the health of their body. While we can all benefit from such wisdom, there is still no substitute for turning our attention in wards and seeing for our self.

Being able to see and identify the causes of any loss of wellbeing and know the ways to restore our being to wellness, are the primary abilities of someone who is able to be well at will, stay well wherever they are, and go well through the challenges and tests that life presents us all each and every day.

  • extracted from Immune System of the Soul by Mike George