Violence begins in the mind and in the wounded heart. It is an expression of our innermost negative thoughts and emotions which emerge as a result of imprinted or engraved feelings of injustice, superiority, inadequacy, aloneness and/or unfulfilled desires. An act of violence can erupt in a second as a reaction to a person or a situation, or after long periods of suppression. The expression of violence can also be easily ignited when in the company of others who are enraged and expressing acts of violence. Violence is expressed through thoughts, words, or actions that are meant to intimidate, cause harm, or to gain power over and control people and situations.

This state of being violent is caused by a shift in consciousness. Originally we were egoless, viceless, and aware of ourselves as spiritual beings. Then, over time, the consciousness shifted into body consciousness from soul consciousness, and the qualities of greed, anger, revenge, ego, lust and attachment became prevalent.  When this occurs there is a certain dis – ease within that causes frustration, agitation, and discontent. A feeling of incongruence develops within from the duality of what we were when we lived in a state of soul consciousness, and what we become in a state of body consciousness. The more body conscious one becomes, the higher the probability of aggressive attitudes and behaviors (violence) increases.

In summary, violence from a spiritual perspective is an illness of the soul who has lost its original power of peace. In peace there is love and respect for the self and for others. When the light of peace is ignited within, the darkness of anger and violence is dispelled. Violence is the absence of the light of peace and love in life.