When any area of the cellular energy of our body is invaded by an ‘energy form’ that is of an unfriendly or incompatible nature, the ‘helper cells’ of the immune system almost immediately detect the presence of the invader. They move quickly to the relevant location to protect the affected parts of our body.

While we may experience the pain of occasional disease in our body, we all suffer from the many moments of dis-ease within our consciousness, within our being. Moments of dis-ease are signals that tell us that our wellbeing is being compromised.

Just as the purpose of the body’s immune system is to protect the body from disease, the immune system of the soul works in a similar way on the many kinds of ‘dis-ease’ that can occur within our consciousness.  While the body is visible and tangible, consciousness is intangible. Spirit/soul is the being that I am/you are. While the immune system of the body is made up of ‘helper cells’, the immune system of the soul is not separate from the soul. The immune system of the soul is within you, the soul. It cannot be separated from you! When the immune system of the soul springs to life, the three movements within your consciousness are: awareness, realization and transformation.When you become aware of the dis-ease, you look into it and realize the ‘causal belief’. When you look deeper and realize the truth behind the belief, using the power of that truth gives you capacity to transform your state of being. As the old saying goes ‘the truth will set you free’.

  • extracted from Immune System of the Soul by Mike George