To be taken care of is one of the most primary needs that human beings have. The moment we pass childhood, the responsibility of care shifts from the caregiver to oneself.

Whether one is a teenager or well into adulthood, care of the self is paramount. A human being simply perishes from neglect. As humans are multi-faceted, caring for oneself takes on many meanings. Evidence has shown that care does not end with good body hygiene, good nutrition and excercise.

The spirit within needs constant attention. On a daily basis we are surrounded by a variety of negative factors both internal and external that impede our functioning.

One who is spiritually minded works tirelessly in order to keep an “internally clean house “. This requires a vigilance as to what type of thoughts one has and also what type of feelings/ emotions are going on inside.

There is inherent duty to protect oneself from harm which entails a lot of introspection. Dwelling on the past, living with regrets, no matter how negative they were is not justifiable under any circumstances. Focusing on ones failures, errors, dark side is equally counter productive. Also, internalising the negativity that surrounds one on a daily basis is very dangerous.

Further, the world is filled with examples of individuals who are trapped in a cycle of negative/toxic relationships. Careful consideration given to each person who one gives one’s time to is crucial to a balanced life.

A spiritually aware individual measures every word before articulating it and every action before conducting it. The reason for this is the deep seated awareness of the law of karma.

Very few are aware that as human beings we have the option of choosing our thoughts, feelings and experiences. Many feel powerless to stop the train of negative thoughts and feelings.

Spirituality means that l the soul take on the responsibilty of ensuring that no negative thought or emotion overwhelms me. I choose with care what goes on in the heart and mind. Such a soul does everything in its power to shift oneself away from any negative tendencies and embrace only ones good qualities.

Daily effort is required to ensure that all one’s experiences, both internal and external are balanced, harmonious and conducive to a good quality life.