September 21 was International Peace Day and October 2 is International Day of Non-violence.  Both days symbolize the desperately needed energy for our world.  Right now the world is experiencing the highest number of displaced persons.  When there is instability it leads to fear and anger.  So the rising violence and intolerance is a result of this increasing instability.

Where do we begin to heal and restore a sense of wellbeing.  It begins with the self.  When we think of the events of the world we can feel overwhelmed and helpless however just look around you and ask the self what difference can I make.  “All change happens with a small group of committed individuals “, quoted from Margaret Mead.

Let me begin by firstly making my mind stable.  Irrespective of what goes on around me have I invested in a practice that allows me to withdraw and return to a centre core of peace.  Finding your inner centre of peace becomes your anchor.  Where there is peace there is clarity.  A clear mind can always seek out creative solutions.  When we let go of the emotional charge in the way we see things we are able to be more objective and hence the path forward becomes more clear.

Secondly, nonviolence is rooted in the knowing that life is sacred and every individual deserves the right to live with dignity.  It is when we acknowledge that our lives are a sacred gift to be cherished, this awareness means I need to reflect deeply on my values.  My values create my priorities and so often we prioritize competitiveness above cooperation, accumulation above generosity, things above people and tasks above relationships.  When we loose sight of the sacred we then disregard life.

So let us use this opportunity to restore peace and nonviolence as my central values.  And it begins with you and me to create a shift in society, and the world in general.