In a global culture of doing doing and more doing – where we have learnt to measure the value of ourselves on what we have accumulated, what we do and what positions we have reached  – it has created a need to think excessively.  The internet whilst useful in many ways has also created this information overload and often we bombarded with more information than we are able to digest, and certainly more than we are able to bring into action.

Secondly, we live in times where speed is of uttermost importance.  Doing everything quickly, driving fast, responding quickly which also means thinking quickly.  Where there is speed quality and control gets compromised. And so we end up needing to redo, repair or rebuild – many times our relationships because n the speed of things, things get said or done which have dire consequences.

Learning to pause – is an act of relief for the mind.  Taking a moment to just be still, observe rather than absorb.  Listen rather than speak.  Stop the rush and be present.  It is in these moments of pause that we are able to discern and if need be it gives us the opportunity to realign with that which is more meaningful and valuable.  This moment of pause refreshes and stabilizes the mind.

Have a positive outlook – is an act of protecting your mind.  As we think so we feel.  Have I ever considered the quality of my thinking?  challenges and situations may come my way – but ask the self what is consuming my attention?  Is it really the issue, the personalities involved or the expectations and frustrations not being fulfilled?  Very often our focus leans towards who we can blame for the way we feeling?  Instead of finding a scapegoat for your emotions, it is healthier to adopt the attitude – to every challenge there is a solution.  Stay focused on the solution and this keeps the mind creative and light.

Contemplate deeper truths – is an act of nourishing the mind.  In the same manner as we feed the body the right foods to increase and maintain our bodies in a healthy state, nurture the self by engaging in spiritual truths to elevate your perspective and keep a broader outlook.  Spiritual knowledge and its study helps to draw out the sacred nature of our inner being.  This leads to a feeling of joy, brings meaning to everything I do and express a deeper love.

When we can appreciate that our mind is a sacred gift through which create and experience life then taking care of the mind is an act of honoring this gift.