Learning how to meditate when you’re troubled with anxiety is an important part of self-healing technique that you can’t ignore. It goes without saying that meditation has been widely recommended as a natural remedy for anxiety. Theoretically, it was supposed to provide mind calming experience for those who suffer from anxiety. But the reality is, most people who suffer from anxiety find it hard to meditate. Some even felt frustrated by the fact that they can’t keep their mind silent.

Here are some simple techniques to help you calm down and gently enter a meditative inner state.

Its always helpful to bring with breath.  For the next few minutes let go of any other thoughts and become aware of your breath.  Breathe in deeply filling your lungs, hold your breath for a few seconds and breathe out.  Do so for a few minutes, gently holding your attention on your breath moving in and out.

Next with each breath become aware of your body.  Turn your attention to your feet.  Relax them.  Next your legs.  Then as you move your attention up your spine breathe out the tension you may be feeling – release it.  Next be conscious of your arms and fingers, your neck and shoulders and ultimately your face.  Breathe in deeply and breathe out any tightness. Allow yourself a few moments just to feel the calmness of your body.

Now into your mind an image that you associate most strongly with a feeling of calm – it could be a setting sun, the vast expanse of the ocean or the still waters of a lake.  As you emerge the image in your mind allow yourself to feel the calmness and peace you associate with it.  Breathe in the calmness and breathe out the anxiousness – observe in your mind the colours and the beauty of the image in your mind.  Be in that calmness and feel that energy in your being.

Now tell yourself – I am this being of peace.  This is my true nature.  I am peace. Let your mind linger on this thought and just breathe in peace and breathe out peace for the next few minutes.

Return to this exercise again and again to relax the body before attempting to meditate.  We can only focus the mind when we begin by first relaxing the body and becoming more present to the body.  Thereafter one can begin to journey more deeply into the awareness of the self as consciousness and return to that sweet inner spot of peace of my being.