A simple meditation to return to Inner Peace – extracted from The Man who loved Angels by Anthony Strano

A second is a unit of time, just as thought is the basic unit of consciousness. A body has many cells, and so do time and consciousness. Whether we measure time in terms of eternity, ages, cycles centuries millennia, years, seasons, months, days, hours or minutes- the basic unit, or cell, remains the second. We may measure consciousness in terms of awareness, attitude, feelings, behaviour, choices, aliveness, responses but the basic unit, or cell, is always a thought.

If these two basic units of time and consciousness are weak, then the whole of time and consciousness suffers.

Just as cancer begins in a single cell and spreads to other cells, so the same happens in human life as the infected seconds and thoughts spread. Ultimately this results in emotional, mental and even physical disease in the human body and mind, since our conscious life is acted and expressed within and through time. … How can we begin to heal ourselves?

If we take one second, the tiniest unit of time, and one thought, the tiniest unit of consciousness we can make them work together.

Take one second to think one thought
Slowly and faithfully think:”I am”.
Add another second and another thought: “a soul”.
Add another second or two and think: “I am peace”
Add another second or two and think: ”I am a being of peace”.

“I am a soul
I am peace
I am a being of peace.”

Repeat these thoughts gently to yourself, paying special attention to them. There is no need to rush, no need for second thoughts or ideas going anywhere else. Just focus on these thoughts about the original self.

Throughout the day, gently but deeply repeat this one second one thought meditative exercise.