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Learning the art of seeing specialities

In learning the art of seeing specialities in others we need to apply the first Law of Spirituality, which says we are responsible for our own experiences; if I see the negative in others I feel unhappy; if I see the positive I feel happy. It is up to me to decide. To...

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The Art of Window Cleaning

In every street there is a Mrs. Judgement and a Mrs. Honesty. One day Mrs. Honesty decided to visit Mrs. Judgement. As soon as Mrs. Honesty arrived, Mrs. Judgement began to complain about her new neighbours, a family of foreigners. “She is a terrible housekeeper”,...

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Making peace our foundation

September 21 was International Peace Day and October 2 is International Day of Non-violence.  Both days symbolize the desperately needed energy for our world.  Right now the world is experiencing the highest number of displaced persons.  When there is instability it...

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Self Care: Being kind to my mind

In a global culture of doing doing and more doing - where we have learnt to measure the value of ourselves on what we have accumulated, what we do and what positions we have reached  - it has created a need to think excessively.  The internet whilst useful in many...

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Interview: A Time for Kindness

Speakers: Dr David Hamilton and Sister Jayanti Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world. Desmond Tutu. Kindness is an essential ingredient in all healthy relationships, whether with the self, others...

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