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Celebrating Women Spiritual Leadership

As we celebrate womens month, its valuable to reflect on womens role in leadership -  and in particular what are the spiritual qualities that women can naturally offer when they centered in their true essence. Women become spiritual leaders when they themselves...

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Creating your own Balance

One of our greatest challenges is learning the art of creating balance.  We often find ourselves working at extreme ends of the pendulum – this lack of knowing how to integrate all the aspects of my life can lead to inner frustration and tension.  Instead of...

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Opening to Lifelong Learning

In order to continue that journey toward greater wisdom, it is no longer enough to have the desire to know, although of course that is important. In order to keep growing and learning, there has to be humility.  The opposite of humility is ego, and ego blocks human...

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Courage to Be

For each one of us our sense of identity plays such an important role – it influences how we see ourselves and also how we see our world.  We all yearn for deeper authenticity however, the way we identify ourselves creates a sense of belonging.  Often this need for...

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Steps to gather your courage

A beautiful lesson that Dadi Janki once shared in her book, Wings of Soul.  Whenever you are faced with a challenge and you need courage, take a moment of silence and invoke your courage.  With patience you will know what to do and when. Courage doesn’t mean you are...

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Courage is….

In life you will be placed in positions or called to act in a capacity that you feel you are not qualified to act. Whether this may be in your personal or professional life, life does have the tendency to overwhelm us by placing us in impossible situations. What does...

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Courage means …

Itzhak Perlman the great violinist once said " much lies broken in every one of us. Our job is to make music with what remains" Mankind has always applauded the brave, the victorious warrior, the one who showed fortitude in the face of tremendous opposition or...

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The Power of Humility

Have you ever noticed that most of the people in history who have made the largest or greatest impact for positive change in society have been very humble.  And on the other hand those who have left a legacy of destruction and pain have been very arrogant. In today's...

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Relooking at my priorities

I would like to begin with an exercise today.  Take a piece of paper, in the center draw a star.  That represents you.  Now around this star list all that you consider to be important relationships in your life.  Place them around in the order of priority.  So if you...

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